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The new PLUR Obama Sticker

January 24, 2009


Peak Hour!!!

January 20, 2009

It felt as though it were 2 or 3am this morning. Except it was later than that. It was about 8am.  I thought I was late!  For the week before, I was already starting to get this giddy feeling.  Like I was about to open the “NUMBER ONE” present that I wanted on Christmas! And the days of waiting were about to finally end.

I have never watched an inauguration before, but I was never excited to have a new or re-elected President either.   But I was in for more than I expected.  

Mr. and Mrs. President actually look like they LOVE each other.  

I knew that peak hour had struck when I saw Michelle Obama dancing to the rhythm of a band passing by during the parade.  I mean, actually DANCING!!!  

America…Fuck Yeah!  

I truly feel happy to be an American today.

Morrissey…eat your heart out!


December 22, 2008



November 19, 2008


All this obamamania got me thinking about PLUR again and I was talking to a friend the other day about it.  PLUR was an old raver mantra. It means: PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT.  It was always kind of a joke to me and my raver friends because these ravers would say that they lived their life in the spirit of PLUR.  Let’s share everything. Take care of each other! Love each other! Love everyone! Don’t hate! blah blah blah! You would see the same guy trying to inch his fingers down some girl’s pants who was on enough E to bring PEACE to the middle east!  Other kids would say PLUR to you when you found them hitting on your girlfriend in a dark and sweaty corner of the warehouse.  Others would say it as they grabbed your water and started drinking it without asking. Still some would say it as they tried to rub tiger balm (ON) your eyes. Ouch!   I didn’t notice these things until I started bringing my girlfriend to parties.  It was also after I decided to start going to parties sober. Go figure.  Before that, I was just a silly guy dancing in the front of the warehouse who only spoke to people when I was trying to find out who the DJ was.

But before I started bringing my girlfriend to rave parties.  Years before that…. It actually felt real.  And that’s what I’m talking about right now.  This obamamania feels like my first couple years raving in warehouses. Dancing, celebrating life and having fun.  So much hope! Can’t wait to see the sun in the morning and dance my ass off all the way home! And I’m not on any drugs! (believe it or not!)  But my friend had one revision to the old PLUR which I like: PEACE LOVE UNDERSTANDING RESPECT.  I like that one.  I still feel that the country may be a little too euphoric which scares me.  Do you think we can keep this rave going for 4 years? Or 8?  After all, America is the land of the free! Home of the Rave!

Racist or funny?

November 18, 2008
Racist or Funny?

Racist or Funny?