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Cheating on my “old wife”…a confession/saying goodbye to redbull

January 30, 2009

If you had told me that someday I would not be drinking 1,2, or 3 Redbull energy drinks per day 6 years ago, I would have laughed at you.  “Redbull FO LIFE!” I would have said back to you.  But the day has come when I have learned to bury my old Redbull habit for good.  

I was attending a wedding for a friend of mine earlier this year and decided to drop in on a friend of mine the day after.  I was completely WRECKED.  I didn’t look good, so my friend offered me an FRS® Healthy Energy™ is a new kind of healthy energy that provides sustained energy without the crash. energy drink
.  I  didn’t think there was anything an energy drink could do for me, but I was completely wrong.  FRS (Free Radical Scavengers?) tastes like a smoothie, not like a soda, so I didn’t think it would work.  But 30 minutes later I was good to go.

It’s actually not supposed to work as a hangover cure. Obviously.  It’s Lance Armstrong’s energy drink.  You can find out more about it here
.  They offer a free trial package for shipping and handling only that includes FRS in all shapes and sizes.  It’s a nice package.  Try it for yourself.  I’m hooked on it, but not in the cracky way that I was hooked on Redbull…hooked in a good way.  It works!

The new PLUR Obama Sticker

January 24, 2009


Slumdog Millionaire

January 24, 2009


I can’t remember the last time I went to see a movie and felt choked-up for more than half of it.  This movie was so beautiful.  I’ve only been to Indian (Punjab) twice, and I must say that I don’t give the country enough credit for its beauty.  India is truly over-exoticized.  “OH…you’ve been to ‘India!!’  It must have been so “beautiful!”  When I hear that kind of talk, I think about how many places I’ve been to that I classify as more aesthetically beautiful places to visit.  Sure, the Taj Mahal is beautiful, but Agra is dustier than Burning Man! I guess I treat the two places the same way.  They are both beautiful places, but not chiefly because of their good looks. Slumdog reminded me about that.

People make India beautiful. Being able to LEAVE India makes India beautiful. Hell.  India makes the United States beautiful!  Even pre-Obama US!  Going to India really puts “grass-is-greener” to work.  It’s nice to have roads that work.  Law enforcement that isn’t “openly corrupt”.  It’s the little things in life….

Watching Slumdog really reminded me about how I grew up and where I come from.  My father came to the US with $17 in his pocket, worked at night in factories and put himself through school.  And he still made enough time to have fun, go out to discos and manage to meet my mother?  Slumdog reminded me of my father. Not because he came from the street, quite the opposite.  But because he pointed out the work ethic, and more importantly, the smiles of the folks on the streets throughout India. 

One image that is burned in my head is of an old man hauling a 5ftx5ft cube of ice through the dusty streets of Agra.  My dad pointed him out to me.  When the man noticed us, he looked over and flashed a huge smile.  No complaints. It’s just work.  Hakuna Matata.  At that moment I realized that happiness was a state of mind.  You can’t let your situation rule your state of mind.  Where would I be without that experience today?  Good lord.

I don’t want to talk to much about the movie itself.  Just go see it.

It may give you the same hope that I have when I buy and check my lotto tickets every week.  You see, I got a fortune cookie about a year ago that said something to the effect that I wouldn’t ever need to worry about money.  I listened to the cookie and have been playing the numbers in that cookie exclusively.  And it keeps me going.  Because I know that some day my numbers will hit.  So. No matter how bad things get? Hakuna Matata!  Why? Because I’ll be a millionaire someday!

It was written!

… the cookie

Peak Hour!!!

January 20, 2009

It felt as though it were 2 or 3am this morning. Except it was later than that. It was about 8am.  I thought I was late!  For the week before, I was already starting to get this giddy feeling.  Like I was about to open the “NUMBER ONE” present that I wanted on Christmas! And the days of waiting were about to finally end.

I have never watched an inauguration before, but I was never excited to have a new or re-elected President either.   But I was in for more than I expected.  

Mr. and Mrs. President actually look like they LOVE each other.  

I knew that peak hour had struck when I saw Michelle Obama dancing to the rhythm of a band passing by during the parade.  I mean, actually DANCING!!!  

America…Fuck Yeah!  

I truly feel happy to be an American today.

Morrissey…eat your heart out!