dot and feather

I’m not the blogging or writing type, but I decided to start this blog because a friend said that it would be cool to start a web site called, “dot and feather”, his nickname for me.  Why?  Because I am a “dot and feather Indian”.  My dad is Indian (from India) and my mother is from here (Native American).  So, when people ask, “What are you anyway?” I need to explain the whole thing. 

Not only am I a “dot and feather” Indian, but I am also:

  • “An Indian with and without feathers”…..That is what my mother always told me. 
  • “casino and 7-11”
  • “Savage and Peaceful” 
  • “Tonto and Gandhi”
  • “Drunk and vegetarian”
  • “Red and Brown”
  • “Cheap and Poor”

I only know one other person with this mix. Only one.  So, I guess I’m starting this blog to get the word out that we exist and that we’re looking for others.  Got any other cheeky things I can call myself when somebody asks, “What ARE you anyway?”  I’m always looking for new ones…

Do you know an Injun-Injun?  Let them know that there are others. Only two though.

4 Responses to “dot and feather”

  1. mister potato Says:

    dances with slurpees!!!

  2. dotnfeather Says:

    How did I forget that one?

  3. coodence Says:

    Dude, I know a few! MY SISTERS.

  4. dotnfeather Says:

    Oh YEAH!!! Our siblings! So…me, my brother, coodence and her sisters! How many sisters? We’re up to at least 5 of us now! Any more?

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